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UPDATED !!! Build 66 (Feb 2016)

"Mine asteroids, refine and trade their ore, buy upgrades for your ship, hunt pirates in the procedural star systems and you'll have only scratched the surface of this wonderful game and maybe gained a couple of levels." - RockPaperShotgun.com

Astrox : Steam, Kongregate, and new build

I am currently working on Build 62, and I hope to have it ready in December. I have converted the project over to Unity5 to make use of all the new features it provides... and needless to say, things are shaping up nicely. I finally moved forward with this and have submitted the game to Steam Greenlight. I am not really that familiar with how this all works, but I figured it couldn't be any worse than not getting paid from Desura.

If you enjoy Astrox, please take a moment and click me a vote. I am just a solo developer and could use all the support I can get. Astrox is playable on the Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

astrox on steam

Steam Greenlight : Astrox

If you have never heard of, or played Astrox, and you enjoy survival space games where you mine rocks, hunt pirates and explore. You can play Astrox for FREE, right in your browser. You will need to have the Unity plugin for your browser. Head on over to Kongregate.com and give it a whirl. I must warn you though, you might get trapped a little longer than expected.

astrox on kong

Astrox on Kongregate.com

750,000+ Plays with over 26,000 votes, and a 4.2 / 5 rating. Astrox was included in the recent Best Game of Kongregate. Anyway, head on over and check it out. If you like it, please consider slinging me a vote on the Astrox : Steam Greenlight page.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

astrox_b66_win.zip 119 MB
astrox_b66_mac.zip 121 MB
astrox_b66_linux.zip 122 MB


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One of the best games i've ever played  ....


Heya! I just was browsing through my games and stumbled upon this gem. What originally was supposed to be 15 minutes of play during a break ended up being a 10 hour marathon :D

I'm a developer myself (nothing released yet, I've been working on an engine) and the amount you have optimized this is amazing. Not only is it the fastest game I think I have to start up from steam, the level / scene translations is almost instantaneous. By far the best optimized game I've played in quite sometime (not to mention INCREDIBLY entertaining).

Just wanted to take a little time to thank you for all your hard work and I truly hope you continue down the path of developing; I'm very interested to see what else you can do! 

In the meantime, I'll be playing this :D

i will get this updated by 2moro, just super busy with the day job atm.

The Steam build is currently at version b66, while the itch.io is build is still only at b60a. The developer is obviously not supporting this game here.

got everything updated for ya :)